For the possibility of an impromptu picnic with your wine, we prepare a sandwich or savory salad of your choice and combine it with a fresh fruit salad, mixed nuts, assorted olives, and a sweet treat.  We either pack everything in individual boxes with disposable containers & utensils for each person, or assemble all the food on platters for a buffet service with china and flatware.  Standard pricing is per person.


For a casual lunch, we offer a room-temperature meal served either family-style or small buffet.  With two salad selections, two meat/fish selections with accompanying side dishes, a side vegetable, and a dessert, you will have a varied assortment of items to pair with your wines.  Depending on the size of your group, we can have a server to attend to your needs. Standard pricing is per person. 

Winemaker Drop-off Lunches

For a formal luncheon, our servers deliver a custom 3-course meal with salad or soup, main course, and dessert with coffee or hot tea.  

Box Lunches

Winemaker Lunch



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